Here at Interlude we use Beeswax. This hard wax is gentle on the skin, unlike wax used with muslin strips. Our hard wax is formulated especially for Interlude. It contains a flexible material that acts as shrink wrap on the hair--NOT sticking to your skin. We'll guess that your waxing experience here, will be the best you've had yet!


Eyebrow Shaping   $22.00 or $24.00
Upper Lip   $14.00
Chin   $14.00
Under Chin or Jawline   $19.00+
Cheeks or Sides of Face   $19.00+
Under Arms   $23.00
Half Arm   $38.00
Half Leg   $47.00
Navel   $17.00
Small Spots   $26.00+
Buttocks or Belly   $26.00+
Back   $70.00 & Up
"Teeny Bikini"   $46.00
(with tail feathers)   add $7.00
Brazilian   $80.00
(First time or regrown.)
Brazilian Maintenance   $61.00
(Regularly scheduled clients in our 3-6 week maintenance plan.)

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